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Welcome to the Defence Abuse Response Taskforce

The Defence Abuse Response Taskforce was established as part of the government's response to the DLA Piper Review into allegations of sexual and other forms of abuse in Defence. The Taskforce was established to assess and respond to individual cases of abuse in Defence, occurring before 11 April 2011. This means that the fundamental work of the Taskforce is to determine, in close consultation with complainants, the most appropriate outcome in individual cases.

The deadline for providing all relevant information and documentation to the Taskforce has now passed.If you missed the cut-off date for making a complaint to the Taskforce, you can no longer register a complaint with the Taskforce (with the exception of women who experienced sexual abuse at ADFA in the mid-1990s, who can still make a complaint to the Taskforce). Those who are not able to make a complaint to the Taskforce can still make use of other external mechanisms. Information about options that might be available to you can be found on the Frequently asked questions page of this website.

In December 2014, the government released amended Terms of Reference for the Taskforce, available on the About us page of this website. The amended Terms of Reference put in place a deadline of 30 June 2015 to complete assessments and delivery of a number of outcomes, being Reparation Payments, referrals to civilian police and referrals to the Chief of the Defence Force for possible administrative or disciplinary action.

Complainants who are currently being assisted to access outcomes available to them through the Taskforce may be contacted by their Case Coordinator to discuss progressing decisions and referrals in order to meet the 30 June 2015 deadline. Please be assured that you will have the opportunity to be considered for the outcomes available to you, although it will be necessary to finalise the steps in this process within the timeframes required to meet this deadline.

Please contact the Taskforce via the free-call Hotline on 1800 424 991 or at if you have any queries or concerns, or if your contact details have changed since you made your complaint.

Messages from the Chair of the Taskforce

On 24 April 2015, the Chair of the Taskforce, Robert Cornall AO, released a message from the Chair to mark ANZAC Day:

Previous messages from the Chair of the Taskforce are available for download below:

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  • Minister for Defence and Attorney-General sign updated Taskforce Terms of Reference
    On 15 December 2014, the Minister for Defence and Attorney-General signed the Taskforce's updated Terms of Reference. These updated Terms of Reference are available on the About us page of this website.
  • Deputy Chair Mr Robert Cornall AO appointed Chair of the Taskforce
    On 26 November 2014, the Minister for Defence announced that Mr Robert Cornall AO would take over as Chair of the Taskforce. Mr Cornall has served as Deputy Chair of the Taskforce since its establishment in 2012.